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Biometric Systems for Secure and Rapid Access

Biometric technologies use unique physical or behavioral characteristics for high confidence human authentication. They are more reliable than other easily compromised identity options that rely on something one knows or carries. There are more readily measurable characteristics in the iris, the visible colored ring around the pupil, than in other biometrics.

Like snowflakes, every human iris is entirely unique and is not influenced by genetic inheritance (DNA). The possibility of finding two identical irises lies in the order of 1:1078. A further advantage is the fact that the structure of the iris is determined during pregnancy and remains unchanged the whole life.
This uniqueness is the core of iris recognition - the most accurate, stable, scalable and rapid human authentication technology in existence.

Unlike retinal scanning, which is too up-close and personal for many, iris recognition is non-contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when compared to any other security alternative .... from distances as far as 8 to 25 cm. Identification is carried out by a non-intrusive quick look into the lens of an video camera in the optical unit. The important parameter is the structure, not the color of the iris.
The identification process also works with carried contact lenses (without structure) and glasses. Eye diseases, barring trauma, such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc. will not influence the usage of the system.

A proximity sensor activates the camera on approach. System operation is guided by speech messages. This makes usage very easy. The system IrisAccess™ can be implemented in many applications in the security and high-security area.

The system is network capable, supports standard SQL database systems and can be customized or integrated into existing structures through software engineering.

Access with lost or stolen access cards, transponders or pin-codes or the usage of the access rights from a colleague is no longer possible.

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