ID Travel AG publishes new company strategy

The Swiss ID Travel AG reacts to growing market expectations and presents itself as an independent enterprise in the biometric and security market

Oberwil, Switzerland, (December 4, 2006). This year 1.6 Billion US$ have been spent on biometrics. The market expectations calculate with an increase of 40% and the analysts of the international biometric group are expecting a turnover of 5.8 Billion US$ until 2010. A big part of the investment will go to new passports and border control systems. ID Travel AG is a specialized solution provider for biometric governmental systems and has already realized some projects successfully. The founders Dr Dietmar Fischer and Marcus Klische are facing stricter requirements for delivery, integration, adaptation and realization, which have to be carried out now. This can only be guaranteed if ID Travel AG can act freely, independently and in a rather flexible way in the market close to the customers.
„Governmental clients and our partners expect us to focus on their projects 100%” explains Dr Dietmar Fischer, CEO and adds: “We can fulfil these demands by the new positioning of ID Travel AG”. The basis products have been already developed and can be adjusted immediately to special customer specifications. “Our modular concept is worth the trouble,” declares Marcus Klische, CTO. “Based on this concept we can promise a very short time of delivery for each pilot project. But even for nation wide roll-outs the time of delivery will be much shorter than up to now.“
The two board members Dr Dietmar Fischer and Marcus Klische, who have been in this market for several years and have got an excellent reputation, are responsible for direct contact with the customers. ID Travel AG wants to realize their slogan:

“We value ID”

for authorities in terms of security affairs and for the citizens in terms of privacy protection.

About ID Travel AG:

ID Travel AG with headquarters in Bolligen, Switzerland, develops turnkey solutions using biometric identification technologies. The enterprise makes use of existing tools and uses many individual components to meet the customers’ ideal solution. The markets cover access control as well as new solutions for biometric documents (passports, ID card, driver’s licenses) and border applications connected with the above mentioned products.