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Automated Border Crossing Gate

The market volume for biometric technologies increased in the last year and is projected by IBG to grow from US$ 2.1b in 2006 to US$ 5.7b in 2010. As an outcome of several terror attacks, legally powered by the US Patriot Act as well as European Council Regulation, biometric identification became a normal, daily used technology.

Additionally to the above mentioned reasons for the increase in biometric technology, one should think of our world as a place where travelling to several countries is possible in a few hours, globalization is on its way and the international air traffic is steadily growing. All these changes indicate the need for more efficient and reliable border control solutions to assure a secure way of travelling for the passenger on the one hand and the immigration staff at international airports and border crossings on the other hand.

Our effort contains the integration of new technologies into already existing processes and infrastructures without causing more work for immigration and border staff during their daily work. As a result, our technology allows travellers to cross the border without any loss of time.

ID Travel offers customizable eGate solutions on a broad range. The software supports two-door-solutions as well as three-door-solutions of eGates. Every biometric technology can be integrated and also multi-biometric solutions are possible.

Already integrated biometrics are

  • Iris recognition,
  • Face recognition and
  • Fingerprint recognition

Hardware interfaces support a great many of turnstiles, gates, document- and electronic data readers and user guidance systems.

For integrated solutions ID Travel also provides data capturing and electronic border control systems (to support the officers during their daily work) for new electronic passports and ID-Cards.

For further informations you can download our factsheet in english.

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