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"DataCapturing" module for Passports and ID Documents

The new ICAO specifications for electronic passports require new methods for the enrolment of personal and biometric data. Therefore ID Travel AG in Switzerland has developed a new System to support governments and authorities in capturing these data and preparing them according to the ICAO guidelines.

eCapture supports the acquisition of photos, fingerprints, iris as well as signature information. Therefore the system is combined with

  • a video camera,
  • a fingerprint sensor (option),
  • an iris camera (option) and
  • a signature pad (option).

Pic 1: Examples out of Appendix A ICAO Guidelines for Photograph

Facial Image Processing

The enrolment for the photo/face is done with a video camera but also already existing pictures can be scanned with any regular scanner. In the first step we capture several life pictures of the applicant. The operator can select the one which fits the ICAO guidelines the best. Alternatively we can also capture the picture from a paper based application form. The following objectives of our facial image preparation to enhance the quality of the digitized passport photo will run in a fully automated modus:

  • correction of the position of the original photo
  • adjustment in size, 80% face in format 3:4
  • extraction of the facial contour and removal of background
  • corrections of shadow and colour
  • check of all the ICAO requirements
  • quality log file
  • qualified rejection description
All captured photos can be both printed in the ID document and/or stored as JPEG/JPEG 2000 in regards to ISO 19794-5 in the chip. We offer also to generate a template to be printed in form of a 2D barcode in the document.

Fingerprint Processing

The enrolment for the fingerprint is done with a fingerprint sensor. All ten fingers can be individually enrolled. All the captured fingerprint images were processed in conformity with ICAO recommended ISO 19794-4 requirements and can be stored as JPEG with or without WSQ compression in the chip or a template will be generated and printed in form of a 2D barcode in the document.

Iris Code Processing

The enrolment for the eye is done with an iris scanner. Both eyes can optionally be individual enrolled. All the captured iris images were processed in conformity with ICAO recommended ISO 19794-6 requirements and can be stored as jpeg in the chip or a template will be generated and printed in form of a 2D barcode in the document.


Signature Processing

The enrolment for the signature is done with a signature pad. Signature is not selected by ICAO to be used as biometric information in ID documents. We therefore just capture the signature to adjust it in size and then print it in form of a jpeg picture on the document.

In General

If we have no different specifications, all the captured information of face, finger and iris is stored and processed in conformity with ICAO/ISO/CBEFF requirements.
If the client needs a data preparation for LDS structure we can prepare the full data block for the personalisation machine before production. If the personalisation machine uses its own data preparation for LDS, we send the data in the requested format.
We are independent from any hardware and biometric procedure. If the client plans to introduce his new passports in a step by step approach, starting with only a facial picture in the first step, our solution can grow with the clients requirements using the picture of the original paper based application form. No live data capturing is necessary for this first step. We will find the photo and the signature in the application form and prepare them according to our standards.

All our DataCapturing units can be equipped optionally with a DataCapturing kiosks.

For further informations you can download our factsheet in english or in french.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.