Company and Vision

The experts, that have and that will join our team have been working in the biometric field for over ten years and therefore know the products and the market players perfectly well. Also from long going tenders many contacts exist in the "Homeland Divisions" of the governments in the concerning countries. Last but not least, for many months, the system procedures and the actual development of brand new software for biometric applications have been written.

The Vision

As a result of the attack of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, the USA have decided to accept only visitors who have a passport with biometric data for easy entrance. USVISIT-Program.

All visitors with a classical passport will be "punished" with a costly procedure for acquiring a visa. This forces all countries to introduce the biometric passport within a short time, as the deadline for a visa-free entrance in the US without biometric passport is October 2006. The market for biometric passports is expected to explode from USD 719 million in 2003 to USD 4'639 billion in 2008!
Because of the pressure put by the USA, submissions for pilot-projects are asked nearly every week by the countries worldwide in the field of biometric passports.

Directly related to this evolution and demand, the need of border control equipment that is able to read the biometric passport-data will follow immediately. Additionally to the control by the immigration officers, completely automatic border control gates will be installed.

The high level "Secure Image" of Switzerland is internationally well-known and it makes sense to use this image and to settle the headquarters of the company in Switzerland.

There are many other domains where the unambiguous authentication and verification of persons will become indispensable. In many situations of every-day's live, biometric solutions will increase the security of persons and objects.

The Company

Our knowledge, experience and contacts are based on simple solutions, up to multimodal biometrics. Our Advantages are:

1. View the Process "at a glance"
ID Travel is the leading company in the world to propose the data capturing of personal biometric data, smart border control and semi automated, biometric border control.

2. Modular construction
All components of the different authentication processes are modular. Each customer can therefore choose his individual and flexible solution.

3. Multi biometrical platform
Complex biometric combinations can be handled by this software. A variety of biometric patterns through a variety of algorithms can be captured by a variety of sensors. The customer has the highest independence of hardware and suppliers and the maximum choice in creating his individual system. Therefore the customer has the best guarantee for his investment.

4. Multi communication interface
ID solutions are based on an open interface to communicate easily with all external databases. In this way check up's are handled efficiently (i.e. FBI, Interpol and other blacklists)
Our systems work with an open point of intersection on the side of the hardware. The system allows the integration of all different hardware available on the market. This applies for both any type of machinery and the production of machinery.

5. Border crossing wizard
With the use of our solutions the risk of the border staff's decision is substantially reduced. After placing the passport on the reader, first the country of origin is identified. Then the border police officer will be guided through the control process based on the security criteria for the used passport. The comparison of some or all criteria are either set or chosen by the machine at random.

6. Random biometric selection
The comparison of some or all biometrical criteria is either set or chosen by the machine at random. It is, of course, possible to set it with different levels of security, depending on the nationality of the person traveling; i.e. US citizen could pass with one biometrical comparison, whereas a citizen of a country with known terrorist activity, would have to be checked on the maximum of biometrical comparisons.

7. Image processing to ICAO Standards
ICAO world standards demand that on face recognition the background of the face should either be grey uniform or better cut off. Our software is the only one that cuts off the background in a digital way.